Sierra Teen Portraits

We’re so happy to have been the photographers picked to make portraits of Laura Sierra for her 15-year birthday party.  Some of our finest work, by far.


18 Years Later

Since we’re maternity and infant portrait specialists, Lena and I play witness to the birth of many families. It is a unique moment in time, and sometimes we marvel at how many new babies we’ve met in only the second week of their life.

We love that look in the eyes of new parents: Exhilarated, exhausted, in love with one another and their new baby. Their life together has just begun and the years stretch out ahead of them like the pages of a book yet to be written.

And then one Summer afternoon some 18 years later those tiny babies will wave goodbye to their parents and drive off to college to begin their lives as adults. This too is a special time to make portraits, for leaving the nest is as big a moment for a family as it’s creation.

Many parents come to us at this time and ask us to create the portraits that will forever serve as a landmark to the twilight of their parenting years. The teenagers recognize the significance of this life moment, too: The beginning of their adult lives.

When Lena and I photograph teenagers, we seek to capture the essence of our subject, his or her spirit at the zenith of their life when all the world is laid out before them and their potential is limitless.

Recently we photographed a set of fraternal twins preparing to leave for college. Lenox Park, with it’s rich green grass and well-manicured landscapes is the perfect location for such shoots. We hope you enjoy the photos! –Stephen and Lena



Tara’s Senior Shoot

Recently we had the opportunity to photograph a High School Senior from St. Pius.  We’re excited about the images and thought we’d share.  Though still new to the Atlanta area, custom High School Senior portraits are a Saldivia-Jones specialty, and we relish every shoot.  The photos draw heavily on Lena’s fashion background and my photojournalism background, which we combine to produce personality portraits that illuminate and capture the unique character of the person in front of our cameras.

We custom-designed this layout for the client

Tara plays softball for St. Pius

WOW-style fashion headshot with a Bronze filter

Our WOW-style fashion headshot, strait-up

BOB-style headshot, strait-up.

BOB with a little “pixie dust”

The Ringstrobe in action, great for prom dress shots

A little gel helps ‘pop’ the dress

What Pius Senior can resist a shot with the Lions?

We really enjoyed this shoot, especially going out to St. Pius to take the photo with the Lions.  We want to reinforce just how ‘custom’ our work can be: If you can dream it, we can image it!  High School Senior portraiture lends itself so well to our love of creative portraiture.  Every Senior is different.  They have different styles, interests and wardrobes, and we get a kick out of crafting all these raw ingredients into beautifully-finished images.

For tomorrow: Creative custom portraiture for the working professional.   Stay tuned!



Last Friday we enjoyed our first High School Senior shoot of the season with rising Galloway Senior Alanna Minor.  Alanna brought her two guitars, her various punk-rock t-shirts and modeled our new Ringstrobe for us.  The top six images you can view below.

This market is very new to metro Atlanta, and Lena and I really want to be on the cutting edge as custom High School Senior portraits increase in popularity.  Right now the market is very experimental for us, but  the shoots are so much fun that it doesn’t matter.  Every teen we’ve photographed to date has been totally unique, with their own clothes, ideas and props.  Such variety of personality really puts the creative pedal to the metal, and with Alanna it was no different.

We started the shoot with some high-contrast black background headshots, geling the hairlight to compliment Alanna’s blue highlights.  A few well-timed squirts of water gave the background a misty quality.

Following the headshots, we moved on to the RingStrobe, once again gelling it to match Alanna’s streaks.  Being a musician herself, Alanna brought two guitars, an electric and an acoustic, which we made use of here.

We absolutely love the RingStrobe, which has so many uses, but works especially well with rock musicians like Alanna.  In the next shot, we changed the gels and pose, making sure to keeping within the color gamut.

Notice how the fog machine really catches the color from the RingStrobe.  The two really work well together.  Towards the end of the shoot we tried a few shots with our 1905 brick wall.

The brick wall is just one of the many unique characteristics Castleberry Hill.  There are weathered old buildings, brick walls, railroad tracks, graffiti and other urban characteristics that lend themselves well to High School Senior portraits.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Alanna for modeling the RingStrobe for us.  She really was the perfect combination of charisma and looks, and her comfort with posing as well as her patience with Lena and I as we fiddled with the lights really helped the shoot go smoothly.  We’d also like to thank Alanna’s mother Cherise, who enjoyed a front-row seat on our couch while we made the photos and who helped manage Alanna’s wardrobe between poses.

Alanna is only the first of five free shoots we have available to rising High School Seniors who want to try something different.  There are four spots left, one of which is “under contract” with a rising Senior from Parkview High School.

So if you’re a rising Senior living in the Metro Atlanta area and you want photos no one else in the city can make, please call us before we start charging!  Our studio line is 404-228-9739 and our email address is  –Stephen

Here’s the parting shot: